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“All what we have to do is decide to connect whith the right person who will plan your morocco private travel “

Morocco private travels was built on a simple idea; Make no mediation between you and your morocco private guide. The guide who will give you the most out of your morocco luxury trip . Traveling Morocco with a private guide who will plan and guide your Morocco luxury vacation as no one else can . Your morocco private guide can maximize your time efficiency as well as open doors to places you didn’t even know existed, authentic restaurants , shops and cities you never heard of before . and lead and organise day trips to little places you don’t want to miss. Morocco private travels allows you to enjoy all the above and more, most of travel agencies plan your trip and then call a guide to to the tour for you but here it’s the guide himself who will plan your luxury morocco vacations .

About us

Hello. My name is Abdellatif Bougoula and I was born and bred in a small village east of MARRAKESH. As a young adult, I attended the KADI AYYAD UNIVERSITY, where I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in English language and literature. After graduating, I worked as a licensed Moroccan guide presenting tours throughout MOROCCO. I can plan your ideal Moroccan adventure for a safe and enjoyable experience that you will never forget. Each trip is individualized to your tastes and preferences.
For each and every city in MOROCCO, I will create a unique travel experience for you. I know the best of the major sites and safe “off the beaten path” destinations for a one of a kind vacation. With me as your guide, you will see Morocco like an insider would. You will experience what it is to live there day to-day, you will be amazed by the natural beauty, enjoy its culture and it food , and acquire beautiful souvenirs that will insipre you long after you return.

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I have guided many, many large and smaller intimate groups and even individuals for the last twenty two years and look forward to sharing my country with you. Email me with your dates of visitation for availability.
At morocco private travels , we believe that a great local guide is the key to have the best travel experience. We’ve spent 22 years in guiding travellers from all over the world in MOROCCO .
in the last 22 years I have gained more knowledge,local connections,and flexibility that will make your morocco journey more enjoyable .
Whether you seek to explore each city’s main monuments and museums or seek a more authentic local experience, we always provide the experience that match your tastes and preferences. . We also collaborate with a group of professional guides , art experts, artisans, local chefs, artists, and so on who often provide a unique insight into the moroccan culture.

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